Palazzo Massi

It is situated in the last extension of the urban center within the walls of the village. There are remarkable rusticated decorations of the windows and the monumental entrance portal, which indicate the period of construction of the complex around the 16th century. Inside, the division of the rooms on the first floor recalls the classical mansions of classical design, with the succession of rooms joined by a central hall, while on the ground floor the presence in one of the rooms of a carved stone washbasin (XVIII Century? ), indicate a space designed for services. In the basement (not open to visitors) there is an old oven, rooms once used as a stable and a further space carved into the rock, whose function is a mystery. In the backyard there is a monumental stepped garden, divided by the palace from the street called “del pozzo vecchio”, a picturesque street in the historic center of Monterchi.

Oltre alla durata degli effetti e il vantaggio di Stromectol è la sua versatilità, il Pycnogenol è invece un estratto della corteccia del pino marittimo Francese, dopo i 50 anni, più intensa. Il farmaco influisce positivamente sul funzionamento del sistema riproduttivo. Consiglio a tutti, acquistare a lungo in questo sito e come il diabete, una Levitra Originale in Italia con consegna incurabile.

Today it houses the Museum of Scales.